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Because prices for paper and postage continue to increase, our chapter is relying more and more on the ability to communicate with its members via e-mail and the Internet.

The Board of Directors encourages members who use the Internet to sign up for our Listserv so that we may reach you when we are unable to contact you through the mail. Messages are posted to the Listserv regarding SUAA notices pertaining to your pension benefits and legislation that can impact your annuity, campus activities of general interest to our organization and its members, and occasional other items of interest. The Listserv is set up to foster communications among the members and provides a two way channel of interaction.

To subscribe to the Emeritus and Annuitant Listserv contact Nancy Hartman at

Subscribers should know that if they reply to a Listserv posting, the reply will be sent to all Listserv subscribers. If you want to reply to an individual, include only that individual's email address.